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What is Fifth Ward All About?


Welcome to Fifth Ward Junior High, the home of the falcons! We are a Pre-K—8th grade school located in Bush, Louisiana on Highway 21. Our school colors are blue and gold.


The faculty of Fifth Ward Junior High School believes that they should present an educational program that develops the individual abilities of all students to their fullest potential. Our program strives to meet the students’ needs, interests, and special talents.

We live the FISH Philosophy at Fifth Ward Junior High School. The four components of the FISH Philosophy are: Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude, and Have Fun. Your children will continue practicing this as they continue to grow and become responsible citizens.

It is our belief that each student’s self-esteem should be nurtured. The student’s independent thinking skills are developed to foster each child's ability to make positive choices in daily activities. Our professional staff instills the qualities of fairness, honesty, reliability, creativity, and enthusiasm into each and every student.

Fifth Ward Junior High School works to involve the entire family and community in the educational process. We continually study, evaluate, and improve the school programs to provide the best educational experiences for every child in our school.


It is our sincere hope to create life long learners and productive citizens.


Fifth Ward Junior High School was established in 1946 when Oak Grove School (located on Highway 41, close to Grantham Cemetery) consolidated with the Sun schools. Over the years, our school has gone through many changes. We’ve seen new students, new teachers, new principals, and even new buildings. We look forward to many more exciting changes!